Snatoms! The Magnetic Molecular Modeling Kit


Snatoms are a molecular modeling kit where the atoms snap together magnetically. Kits will include the three most important atoms for life: carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen to make glucose – the basic sugar molecule.


The Snatoms kit includes six carbon atoms, six oxygen atoms and twelve hydrogen atoms. From these basic building blocks you can build tons of different compounds from water and hydrogen peroxide through to cyclohexane and glucose.



Snatoms allows people of all ages to learn chemistry hands on. By supporting Snatoms, you’ll be funding the production of the best molecular modeling kit from start to finish. If you agree that this is an awesome educational tool that should exist in the world, help me kickstart it and tell your friends!


Snatoms are an improvement over traditional ball and stick sets for three reasons:

  • The model is more realistic (it doesn’t require sticks as bonds)
  • It’s quicker and easier to construct and break apart molecules
  • You can feel the attraction between atoms



The H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) shows that single bonds rotate easily just as they do in nature, which is hard with ball and stick kits.



As a teacher I have always wanted to convey some important concepts about atomic bonding. Snatoms allow me to do that like no other modeling kit. Here’s why:

  • Bonds do NOT store energy! One of the most persistent misconceptions is that energy is stored in bonds. Atoms release energy when they bond – and this is why they stay stuck – you have to put in energy to separate them. No kit currently demonstrates this like Snatoms does.
  • Bonds are the overlapping of electron orbitals. Previously it has not been possible to represent this in a realistic way (hence sticks representing bonds), but now we can. Snatoms provide a more realistic depiction of molecules.

As a teaching aid, Snatoms will make building molecules fast. As a teacher I know speed is everything. Models have to be ready to go and be manipulated on the fly. Snatoms make learning about atoms and molecules fun!

Are you a science teacher? An amazing app developer? Or a great graphic designer? You could help build the teaching guide, app, and games to go with Snatoms. I’d love to have your help so just email me at snatomskickstarter(at)gmail(dot)com

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